Thank You

for partnering with the Light to empower a diverse group of people to reveal the full image and light of Christ so that our four-state cities become cities on a hill, lit up with the blessing and love of God!

Ways To Give

Give Online

Give byText

Text lightatjoplin to 77977 to get started. You’ll be prompted to click a link where you can quickly and easily give one time or recurring gifts.

Give by Mail

Make checks out to: The Light at Joplin Church
Send donations to: 2501 E 20th Street, Joplin, MO 66404

Give on Sunday

Every Sunday you'll have an opportunity to partner financially with what God is doing through the Light. You can drop checks or cash in the buckets as they are passed during our two gathering times.


At The Light, we know that giving to the Church can be a hang-up for people. Many of us have been hurt by church leaders who have handled money deceptively or talked about money in ways that manipulate or guilt people into giving. The mishandling of money in the Church and pressure tactics are simply wrong. And like many of us, it leaves people feeling angry, guilty or a combination of the two.

Other people simply have practical questions as it relates to money like, "Why do I need to give?" or "Where does all that money go?"  With this in mind, we hope the following section helps you understand, from a Biblical perspective, why how we handle our finances is an important part of our journey of following Jesus.

It's all God's. Scripture is clear that everything in heaven and on earth was created by and for God himself (Deut. 10:14; Ps. 24:1; Job 41:11) . As the creator of the universe, we believe that God owns it all, our homes, our land, our finances all belong to him. In other words, God doesn't need our money, because it's all his. 

God is generous. Although God owns it all, he has chosen to share the earth and it's riches with us, his children. Like a good father, God has given us life (Gen. 2:7), the ability to produce children (Ps. 127:3), the ability to gain wealth (Deut. 8:18), and everything we need to succeed and fulfill our purpose on the earth (Gen. 1:27-31).  

We are stewards of God's resources.  Because God is generous, it's in his nature to share and to give human beings responsibilities in caring for his creation. As co-partners and caretakers of his creation, we have been given the responsibility to steward the earth, our time, our families, and our finances in ways that multiply God's Kingdom (Genesis 1:27-31; Matt. 25:14-30; 1 Peter 4:10). 

Generosity is a sign of Christ-likeness. If God is generous, and he's given us the responsibility to manage his resources, doesn't it make sense that we would become generous with God's stuff? In other words, bearing the image of God means being generous, as God is generous (1 John 3:16-18). It isn't enough to talk about being like Christ, generosity is one way that sacrificial love is tangibly expressed.  

Generosity is medicine for the soul. As mentioned above, God doesn't need our money because he already owns it all. God asks us to give because it's actually good for us and produces joy in the giver (Acts 20:35). When we give, we are released from the bondage of greed (Ps. 119:36), and we become someone who others want to give to in return (Prov. 11:24-25). You see, the love of money is one of the core idols that gets in the way of our love for God and others (Matt. 6:24) because it tends to demand so much of our attention. The Biblical antidote for greed, is a regular and healthy discipline of generosity (Matt. 6:19-21). Therefore, generosity is a sort of medicine for the soul. It realigns us to our priorities, of using money to expand and grow God's everlasting Kingdom, instead of using it to expand our temporal kingdoms. We hope you join us as we seek to become free from greed by practicing generosity! 

So much more. There are so many other things we could say about our Theology of Giving. If you'd like to learn more about how the money you give is used, please see our Financial Reports or ask to speak to one of the pastors on the Ministry Equipping Team.