Shine in the Church, the city and the world

As we become clearer on who God has uniquely designed us to be as individuals and as the collective people of God, we're able to more accurately shine the light of Christ in ways that fit our personality, passions and life story. You were made for a unique purpose, and the goal is to express that purpose in a way that reflects the image of God and the light of Christ within you in a way that only you can. Below, are the three ways we would like to invite you to reflect the light of Christ within you.

Did you know that you were created to reflect God in this world? For most of us, that can be intimidating to think about and a lot of times we don't know where to start. Most of us need a safe place to practice our gifts, talents and skills before we feel comfortable shining in places where we are less known. That's why the first place we invite you practice shining is in the Church. The Church was intended to be a family, a safe place where you can belong, be supported and contribute to something bigger than yourself. In this loving family, you learn more about who God is and who you are, so you can more accurately shine Christ's light in the city and in the world. To get started in being all that God has created you to be, we'd like to invite you to pitch in to the family gatherings and learn how you best shine Christ's light in the Church. 


The primary way Jesus asks us to express our love for God in the world, is to love our neighbors. We take this seriously at the Light and that's why we'd like to invite you into the four ways to practically build community in your neighborhood.

Neighboring starts with the people next door and extends to the people across the globe. We have strategic partnerships with several church communities and non-profits that are partnering with God to be good neighbors in their local contexts. Click the links below to find out more.


Every season, we bring on a group of passionate individuals who love Jesus, love people, and long for God’s kingdom to come, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN! We’d love for you to apply to be apart of our team and the amazing work that God is doing in Joplin!

We have the following internships available:
  • Creative Design + Communications
  • Events
  • Admin
  • Glow Kids Ministry
Internship Sessions
  • September – December (Applications due August 1st)
  • January – April (Applications due December 1st)
  • May – August (Applications due April 1st)

Interested in internships? Email for more info!