Connect to God and Others

The first step in the journey to becoming a people who shine Christ’s light in the world is to, “Connect with God and Others.” We believe that relationships are essential to growth and that’s why experiencing God and having meaningful relationships with others on a spiritual journey are where we ask people to start. The four items below are meant to give you a taste of what it could look like for you to connect at The Light. Connection Point is the first step we ask people to take in order to fully understand what our church family is all about. From there, we invite you to join a Shine Team and a Connect Group so you start to build meaningful relationships with others in the church. This is not prescriptive, they’re simply meant to help you take your next step in your relationship with God. Lastly, Glow Kids is meant to help your children develop connections with other kids, with God and with adults who are gifted at mentoring and teaching children. We hope you go on this journey of connecting with God and others with us.

Connection Point

Connection Point is the first step in getting connected at the Light. At this free lunch, you’ll get to meet others who are new to the Light, some of the leadership team, and hear more about our vision, mission, values and how you can take your next steps.


Join a Shine Team

At the Light, there are several reasons for joining a Shine Team. First, it is one of the best ways to get connected because it puts you in a position to use your gifts, talents and skills with others who have similar passions or personalities. If you don’t know what your gifts are, we’re here to help! Second, at the Light, we’re a family, so we don’t have members who fill seats; we have ministry partners who play an important role contributing to our family gatherings and in redeeming God’s world. Lastly, learning what you’re good at in a safe environment like a church family allows you to take the first step in recognizing how God has gifted you to Shine in the City and Shine in the World. You see, your gifts are not just meant to be shared with the Church; God has designed you to shine bright in your family, your workplace, your neighborhood, the broader community and even in foreign cultures.


Join a Connect Group

We believe that one of the best ways to grow in your walk with God is to live real life with a small group of other spiritual sojourners. Our Connect Groups meet in homes all over the Joplin area and have a focus of creating a place for you to belong while at the same time inviting neighbors into our lives as we live life together. Joining a group can be intimidating at first, but living life with others is essential to growth. Check out what neighborhoods and cities our Connect Groups meet in using the map to the right. Click on the house icons to learn more about the different Connect Groups and if you’re at all interested, click the sign-up button below to sign-up for a group.


Glow Kids

We understand that a large part of a family’s decision to become apart of a church community has to do with whether or not their kids feel welcomed and connected there. That’s why one of our primary goals is to help your kids connect with other kids, God, their teachers and their unique purpose. We don’t “minister” to kids; instead, we are preparing kids for their ministry- the way God has uniquely wired them to shine the love of Christ in the world. Every class features Safe Sanctuary Certified Ministry Partners who are trained to create a safe, fun and Biblically-based environment so your kids understand our faith in age-appropriate ways. Contact our Children’s Ministry Director if you have any concerns or questions.