Europe in Fastforward

It has been a crazy few months!!! From team changes, mountain climbing, ministry, injuries, new roles, bed bugs, train rides and long days sitting at the bus station. Europe was unique in so many ways. 

Countries Visited:

Spain- Walked the Camino De Santiago.. you will find a blog and pictures of this in my archives

Croatia- The church is your ministry. Finding ministry options here was difficult. God closed the door every time we tried. We eventually realized that when the Lord told us "Church" he was referring to the body not the building. and then things began to change.

Montenegro-Welll... hurt my back... check out my archives. Outside of that we partnered with a new christian church here. So new that they didn't have very many songs translated into Croatian. So we stood and sang A Capella to lyrics on a one page slide show. They put a box of tambourines and other instruments in the middle of the floor and it. was. glorious. My mom got to experience this alongside me. I also spent a lot of time in the hospital praying for and with the nurses. smile

Serbia- Serbia was crazy quick and crazy fun. We met with the pastors of a start up church there and were able to accompany them to an Opera... crazy awesome.. still don't quite understand how people sing like that. We met and prayed for people at our hostel and throughout the city. Invited new friends to get connected to the church there and shared the Lord with a sweet sweet woman who worked at a tiny smoothie shop we found.

Bulgaria- Woah. Well.... I will do a separate blog on Bulgaria because.. well. The Lord is good.

Turkey-We were only in Turkey for a couple days before flying out to East Asia.... We met so so many new people and friends. It was such a blessing

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